HWS Professor’s Work Heard around the World

"Tilt" will premiere in Sweden first then come to America
Mark Olivieri

Mark Olivieri

GENEVA, NY – An Associate Professor of Music at HWS has recently finished a collaborated piece of work that was meant for a piano and percussion duo. Mark Olivieri and Dr. Sonia K. Vlahcevic’s  work called “Tilt” will premiere in Stockholm, Sweden in the summer of 2015.

Olivieri gives a description of how the percussion and piano elements work together in “Tilt.” Hedescribes the percussion as “a departure ‘from the conventional use of percussion in chamber music as a means for coloristic effect,’” as stated on the HWS website.

He then describes the difference the piano played in the piece and how he wanted the piano to “allow the percussionist to both ‘groove’ and play melodically with a small group of auxiliary percussion instruments,” according to the HWS website.

The premiere of “Tilt” will be performed by pianist Dr. Sonia K. Vlahcevic who came up with the idea of “Tilt” back in 2013 with Olivieri in Buenos Aires, Argentina at the International College Music Society Conference, as stated on the HWS website.

After the premiere of “Tilt” in Sweden, it will make its American debut in the fall of 2015 at the Sonia Vlahcevic Concert Hall in Richmond, Va, according to the HWS website.

He is also the founder and co-artistic Director of Vision of Sound New Music and Dance Concert Festival, “which pairs composers and choreographers together in the creation of new collaborative works” according to his own personal website.

He has played for luminaries like Jose Limon, Sean Curran, Doug Varone and Smith Dance Companies.

“I try to follow my instincts on how to negotiate compositional parameters such as form, shape, and pacing” Oliveri says about his compositing process on the HWS website. He used this mind set to create “Tilt.”

Olivieri completes about one newly commissioned work a year but considers himself more of an improviser.

On his website he talks about he is always looking for the opportunity to be creating new works and sharing his expertise and experience with new people. Some of his past compositions have included “Spectacular Vernaculars” which was finished in 2013 and is a piano solo and “Libba” which was finished in 2012 and is a piano and flute duet.

You can listen to “Spectacular Vernaculars,” “Libba” and many more of his compositions from over the years on this link.

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