Just an App Away

Smartphones are helping customers navigate Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

THE WORLD WIDE WEB – Don’t want to wake up before the sunrise on “Black Friday,” and push through crowds and lines? Then wait it out a few days.

“Cyber Monday” is the Monday following Thanksgiving, this year falling on Dec 1.

Smartphones are navigating this consumer world.

Stores around the world gear up for their biggest day in the retail world. However, you can access this world from Wi-fi.”

Consumers’ way of purchasing is changing from in-store, to online, to on a smartphone. With the internet at our finger in the touch of a smartphone, today’s technology is changing the way we shop.

“Many online retailers have apps that allow smart phone users to look up products in their store.” Shopify notifies consumers.

“As a result, the buyer has an opportunity to explore other online stores for steeper bargains” Shopify concludes. “In addition, this breeds fierce competition that grants online shoppers discounts not found in brick-and-mortar stores on Black Friday.”

These apps range from TheFind’s new app, Amazon Price Check, BuyVia., TGI Black Friday, and Black Friday, among others. These apps allow users to create shopping carts and peruse deals. Bottom line is that people have changed the way they consume.


One of the most popular Black Friday apps

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The TGI Black Friday is rated with 4 starts on iTunes










One user reviews the tgif app on iTunes stating, “This rules forBlack Friday deals.” Another user comments, “I love all the ways you can sort and love the shopping list….save items by store, when I get to that store I just pull up the list I saved for that store. It’s great.”

Cyber Monday proves essential to our economy. Forrester expects, ” that the online channel will generate $89 billion” through online purchasing.

Last year total spending in the U.S throughout Friday through Monday came in at $57.4 billion.


Amazon released app for shoppers

What are consumers purchasing from internet? According to CNBC, the goods vary.

  • 49% for Apparel
  • 36% for Consumer Electronics
  • 34% for Toys and Video Games
  • 33% for Books, Movies or Music
  • 24% for Home Items
  • 14% for Mobile Devices

Black Friday will keep the economy out of the red, and promote our increasingly technological dependence.

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