iPhone 6 Release: Is Bigger Better?

The iPhone 6 is finally here.

NEW YORK, NY- It’s apple season, and no, it’s not the granny smith or red delicious type. Apple’s iPhone 6 was officially released on September 16.

Apple reports that 4 million of the 6 and 6 plus were sold and preordered in the first twenty-four hours. Currently, there have been 10 million sales between the 6, 6plus, and the 6’s device— the Apple watch .

The main upgrades with the 6 are:


iPhone evolution thickness


The iPhone 6, as Apple claims is, “at its largest and thinnest”. The 6 is 6.9mm, and the 6 plus at 7.1mm. The most notable change is the curved edges, where the glass screen meets the anodized aluminum edges. Apple continues, “No gaps. Just a smooth, seamless bond of metal and glass that feels like one continuous surface.” The chips are smaller, the batteries are smaller, and the touch screen is more advanced.”


A big new screen also means big new improvements. The 6’s Retina display delivers higher contrast, dual-domain pixels, more accurate color, better viewing angles, and improved polarizer.


The iPhone 6 uses new chips, giving the phone better battery life, “letting you do more, for longer” without the constant pressure to re-charge the phone.



Feature of iPhone 6 camera

A notable improvement from generations past is the 6’s iSight camera. . It has a new sensor with Focus Pixels and time lapse video mode.


iPhone 6 has faster LTE speeds and bands. This means better roaming, and Wi-Fi connections 3x faster than the iPhone 5.



iPhone 6 finger scan

The touch ID technology allows users to set password with their fingerprint. This security feature also works for iTunes, iBooks, and the App Store purchases.


The iPhone 6 allows the user to pay in stores with innovative Near Field Communication antenna. This allows the user to simply swipe on their phone, similar to swiping a card at the register.

The new iPhone 6 leaves consumers with one question: is bigger better?

 Last spring, Apple sold its 500 millionth iPhone. Steve Jobs first released the iPhone in 2007, since then, have been a total of 7 generations of iPhones including: 1 gen, 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, and the newest 6 and 6 Plus.

 Forbes magazine comments specifically on the camera stating, “Where the iPhone 6 is indisputably better than the iPhone 5S, however, is the camera.”

Still wondering about making the upgrade?

A major complaint about past iPhones is the battery life. The 6, Forbes explains, “With moderate use the iPhone 6 will not only get you through a day but also some of the next and with heavy use this is the first iPhone I’ve used to truly last all day.”

Disappointments? The Forbes review comments, “Color accuracy can be hit and miss” and for external sound, “I still wouldn’t listen to music this way by choice”.


Apple employees and customers waiting for the iphone 6 release

Apple CEO, Tim Cook commented on sales stating, “iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are better in every way, and we are thrilled customers love them as much as we do.”

Customers do. Millions of people around the world lined up for hours waiting for the device.

The 6 starts at $199, and the 6 Plus at $299.



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